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[community profile] farplaned; Spira's Locations


Baaj Temple
Once a great island city, Baaj is located South of Bikanel, off the mainland of Spira. Most of the temple lies in ruins, much of it being submerged under fiend-infested waters due to being attacked by Sin many years prior to Final Fantasy X. Airships are a crucial means of transportation in order to access this location.

Besaid Island
Besaid is a small tropical seaside island located at the Southernmost point of Spira, surrounded by clear, cyan waters. Its beach is small, with sands whiter than the desert, naturey slopes and tropical plants that grow strong. The dock nearby awaits the boat's visit to allow residents to travel from Besaid, to the next island (see below), and back. On the way to the village, one would encounter a path surrounded by thin water falls, cliffs, bridges, steep hills and many weak fiends. Besaid Village is a small populated settlement, famous for the fabrics and clothes it produces. The largest structure is, undoubtedly, Besaid Temple.

Kilika Island
A medium-sized island just North of Besaid, and South of Luca (see below). Kilika consists of a small port and bustling town, and a large jungle on your way to the holy temple, should you make it that far. The fiends that live in the jungle are stronger than those in Besaid, but still quite weak and not much of a challenge.

Spira's second largest city, Luca is a place of entertainment. It is the home of the world's only Blitzball stadium which is loved by most, if not all, of Spira's inhabitants, and its nearby theater grants you access to music and full-motion pictures. In the center are great places to hang out; the café, serving your favourite comfort foods and treats, and a bar with whiskey, beer, whine, cocktails and nuts on its menu (no minors!). Many boats are able to access Luca's docks, for there are quite a few surrounding the stadium which is located further out at sea.

Mi'ihen Highroad
The temperate locales of the Mi'ihen Highroad links the city of Luca and Mushroom Rock Road (see below). The highroad is a long walk and home to many fiends, so people who need to cross it typically travel by chocobo or hovercraft which is safer and faster. You can access these transportation methods at the Travel Agency. Beyond it, just before Mushroom Rock, the road separates into two different paths. The lower path is called the Old Road, which leads to a dead end. Down its roads, you will come across statues of great people, and insurmountable grass and plant-species that resemble real world vegetation.

Mushroom Rock
Notable chiefly for its mushroom-shaped rock formations, Mushroom Rock is the base of operations for the Youth League Headquarters. Beyond it is a path that leads to either Djose or the Moonflow (see below). Not as long as the Highroad, but still quite the walk and filled with fiends stronger than Mi'ihen's.

After crossing the bridge, you'll find yourself in the small area of Djose. There is not much interest here other than the temple, currently home to the Machine Faction. Rocks float above the structure.

The Moonflow is a large river running through the heart of Spira. It is notable for Shoopuf rides that will get you from one side of the Moonflow to the next, and for the pyreflies which gather on the surfaces of the water at night, making the water glow and sparkle. It's a truly beautiful sight that tourists would sit by the moonlilies that grow on the Moonflow's back to watch. The fiends here are stronger than those of Djose's path that links it with Mushroom Rock. Careful!

Home of the Guado race and the location to the entrance of the Farplane, Guadosalam is compromised of three levels, with all of its exists at the bottom most points (both of which lead to either the Thunder Plains (see further below) or back to the Moonflow (see above). In the center is the Palace (interior image), once home to Guado leaders. The town has many rooms to enter, most of which consists of living space, while others are shops and resting places.

The main entrance to the Farplane for is located in Guadosalam (see above), where the people called the Guado look after the Farplane. It is the final resting place for the people of Spira. The path leading to the Farplane was once walked by summoners who would visit only to pay their respects to the fallen. Though people who enter [community profile] farplaned  wake here and exit through the portal which is the only way out (landing anywhere in Spira the mun wishes), currently, no one is allowed to go back in or enter.

Thunder Plains
The Thunder Plains is the site of a vast, never ending thunder storm. Many a traveler met their end here, until an Al Bhed by the name of Bilghen set up lightning rod towers to draw the lightning away from the main path. Ironically, he died after being hit by a stray bolt. It is a long, rainy trail that leads to the forest ahead, with a shop & inn located in the middle. Many fiends of the thunder element reside here, along with the great Iron Giant. Yup, you guessed it. Stronger than those in the Moonflow.

Perhaps the most striking location in all of Spira, Macalania is a large sparkling blue forest, full of glowing crystal formations and shining skyways. It's quite chilly, so suit up! Some of Spira's greatest musicians live here. The fiends get stronger as you go along, but Macalania is a particularly notable place for stronger fiends. They get intensely strong at this point. Watch your back.

Bikanel Island
A large desert island far to the west of Spira's mainland, Bikanel is primarily a large, arid location with an oasis, featuring palm trees and a drinkable water source. Many ruins and sand-swept camp sites dot the landscape. Many fiends here are overgrown, like Zu and the Sand Worm. You can't miss them.

The largest city in Spira and center of the church of Yevon, Bevelle makes liberal use of machina, even though they are forbidden by the scriptures. People who question the church's policies are thrown into the Via Purifico, a large underground sewer full of fiends compromised of 100 levels. The higher the level, the stronger the fiend. Waterfalls decorate some of the city's structures. Its highbridge can be entered through one of Macalania's (see higher above) paths.

Calm Lands
This is the location where Bevelle and Zanarkand fought their most brutal and destructive battle, many years ago. The war left the land practically dead and barren. The Calm Lands also houses the hidden Remiem Temple, which was lost as Sin tore the earth asunder with the last of its strength. After Sin's defeat, the Calm Lands became an amusement park, where two promotion companies, Open Air and Argent, compete for customers to play their betting games. The Calm Lands also featured a battle arena known as the Monster Ranch, where the unsuspecting visitor gets to battle Spira's toughest fiends to obtain rare items.

Cavern of the Stolen Fayth
On your way to the sacred mountains, you'll be able to access an extended part of the Calm Lands (or a gorge, rather) known as the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth. Many dark fiends live here, many of which are stronger than those that roam the Calm Lands, so beware.

Mt. Gagazet
To reach Zanarkand's ruins (see below), one must pass over this treacherous mountain and resist its polar extremes. Mount Gagazet is the highest point in Spira and home to the Ronso tribe, as well as the fayth of Zanarkand. It is littered with the graves of summoners who died trying to pass.

Zanarkand Ruins
The desiccated ruins of the once great machina city (see below), Zanarkand. Once so active and full of life, it is now dark and home to only dust and fiends. It eventually became a tourist attraction, and people from all over Spira sought to visit it, despite its previous status as a holy place. However, as of late, monkeys have been multiplying like crazy! The number of visitors decreased greatly, if not turned them off completely.

Dream Zanarkand
Somewhere far beyond the seas resides another Zanarkand; a Dream Zanarkand. It is unknown to Spira's inhabitants due to their lack of proper technology. Dream Zanarkand is a reproduction of the real metropolis of Zanarkand before its destruction, created directly from the memories of its former inhabitants; its buildings, citizens and lifestyle are replicated from the fayth's memories to exist eternally as an image to its former glory. Those that reside here believe it to be the entirety of the world, much like the people of Spira, who are completely ignorant of its existence. Though there are some, a select few, who know of it.

 (Thank you to The Final Fantasy Wiki for providing information, links and photos!)